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The Dogs of Ilha Bela

A 67-Page Graphic Novel in Progress


“Street Dogs in Brasil are among the only witnesses to the truth of a false-flag event on their tiny island”


The idea of this comic came to me full-blown and complete, suddenly. Usually the things I write require time and patience, puzzling and searching.  But I knew this whole story in like 5 minutes, very strange.  I think when things like that happen it might be worth paying attention to, and I knew right away I would have to tell it before I’m dead.

Its not too lengthy, no epic tales with sequels and backstory (like I am prone to do, lol)… just a quick little tale that hits a tone that I think I wanna try to hit.

It came to me while traveling in Brasil, on an island called ‘Ilha Bela’ (translated: beautiful island)

The island was covered in STREET DOGS. Yet it was not really a problem for anyone, they just roamed around. I became fascinated with these dogs, their personalities and lives seemed right out of a comic book. Here are some pics I took while tripping on the idea:

Look at this thing, lol:

I SWEAR these dogs were doing Jiu-Jitsu… The one on the bottom was working a nice high guard:

This dog was a Boss:


All the dogs here seemed HAPPY!

This was interesting to me because many other places I’ve seen while traveling, most of the street dogs tend to all look sad, decrepit and depressed. But on this island somehow the dogs seemed to enjoy their lives, a great place to be free.

I used the rest of my time on the island soaking up ideas for characters and locations.


NEXT… I needed to practice drawing dogs!

I tried to draw dogs as much as I could for a while, studying the skeleton and getting used to the shapes and structures. I still need loads more practice, but for now it gave me the confidence that it could be done.


For the next studies, you can see skeletons drawn in red, and the flesh/hair/exterior in blue:




I think I will make the protagonist of the story modeled somewhat off my own dog, Alaska…  though any real character design has not yet begun:


Here are some samples of my crazy writing methods. It may look like a mess, but it makes sense to me, lol. Its a basic timeline broken into 3 Acts with a Midpoint, and a short breakdown of characters and subplots:


From this, I have drafted out a full page-by-page breakdown of the entire script.


Now the hard work begins 😀


I like to get my ideas out visually as fast as possible, then go back later and design them/clean them up. Right now my goal is just to make rough thumbnails of all the pages, basic compositions, etc.  You may not be able to understand everything that been drawn here, but they are sufficient for me to build a framework to start developing from.

Likewise with the text, this is just a first draft just to get it all out, then I can go back and edit/re-write etc to make it more clear in later stages.

However if you CAN see what my shorthand language is describing, I hope you enjoy the story for what it is so far…  In most of Act 1 it may seem like a light and happy story, but it takes a twist really quick later on (I haven’t sketched those pages yet…) and deals with some heavier issues by the end.



…that’s all I have for now, I will continue posting as it develops.