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Personal Work & Projects

Here are some projects I try to make time for on the side of work + family. Some just for fun, some more serious aspirations:


The White Light Trilogy
Complete feature screenplays/martial-arts-drama-animation stories, currently seeking representation, or avenues of production for film, animation, or comics:

The Dogs of Ilha Bela
Graphic novel I’ve written and in early stages of illustration
“Street Dogs in Brasil are among the only witnesses to the truth of a false-flag event on their tiny island”
*click here for work in progress

Papa Frog
A VR Short interactive film I wrote/designed & am directing with a small indy crew. Release date TBA
**Producers/Investors/Talent wanted
website coming soon!

Drawing Instruction for Comics & Animation
Classes I teach at my wife’s studio to some wildly talented youth:


Some pages from sketchbooks/lifedrawings/personal concept art etc: