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Personal Work & Projects

Here are some projects I try to make time for on the side of work + family. Some just for fun, some more serious aspirations:


The White Light Trilogy
A series of feature-length adventure/martial arts/drama screenplays I’ve been patiently crafting for over 15 years. Writing is finally complete, currently working on concept art. Intended to be part classical animation, part live-action, but am open to however it evolves.
“A girl and her parents who wield a mystical White Light are followed over 3 lifetimes by a Martial Arts Master who wields a mystical Red Energy. They must come to understand the nature and meaning of these styles, and how all their fates are intertwined.”
**Producers/Investors/Talent wanted
website coming soon!
All 3 screenplays/more info available upon request

The Dogs of Ilha Bela
Graphic novel I’ve written and in early stages of illustration
“Street Dogs in Brasil are among the only witnesses to the truth of a false-flag event on their tiny island”
**Producers/Investors/Talent wanted
*click here for work in progress

Papa Frog
A VR Short interactive film I wrote/designed & am directing with a small indy crew. Release date TBA
**Producers/Investors/Talent wanted
website coming soon!

Drawing for Comics & Animation
Classes I teach at my wife’s studio to some wildly talented youth:


Some pages from sketchbooks/lifedrawings/personal concept art etc: