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Drawing Classes/Courses

I have been teaching technical drawing skills to kids, teens, young adults and older for over 20 years at several different places throughout Canada. Most recently I have been teaching at The Creative Hub in Waterdown ON, of which my wife is the co-owner and where we have had many years of great classes and results.

However, I have just recently begun teaching online and it has been a wonderful expansion to something I really enjoy.

My approach to teaching is mostly about building technical skills, helping students understand concepts that will strengthen their raw drawing abilities. Real proper skills that are useful for almost anything drawing related. These are the skills I learned at Sheridan, and the skills I’ve developed over almost 20 years as a professional illustrator and storyboard artist. What students choose to do with those new skills, whether they are inspired to apply their new skills towards comics, animation, illustration, drafting, etc or whatever style they want is up to them. The skills are universal. I teach students ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Links to my classes:

The Creative Hub, Waterdown ON

CaST City-as-School Toronto


Topics typically cover;






Visual Language/Style


Character/Location Design

Visual Storytelling/Sequential art

Adobe Photoshop Skills


If you, or someone you know enjoys drawing and would like to get much better at it, I can help your learning curves go way up in just a few classes. Let me help you build a strong drawing toolbox to help you with whatever creative path you are on.