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In 2019, I started a new production company called SPEEDBOARDS alongside fellow experienced storyboard artist Ryan Keith Harris.

We were noticing that timelines for pre-production in the advertising world were getting shorter and shorter, the local Toronto scene we enjoyed for so many years was starting to widen, and our clients were becoming more international and less personal.  In order to adapt to these new trends, we created Speedboards, dedicated to using our skills and experience to develop a new system of storyboard production that is literally twice as fast as typical single-illustrator sources (even me :D).

And it is working.

We’d been teaming up behind the scenes for many years already when schedules got crazy, but taking this to the next level and re-inventing the process to specifically maximize functionality and speed for advertising creatives has been a fantastic endeavour. We have been crazy-busy since we launched, and are only getting faster.

It’s a bit different from my own personal style, but if you have a bonkers deadline, needing bulk frames or animatics faster than usually possible, think SPEEDBOARDS. Literally, the fastest boards available.

Click the link: